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We help with integrating third-party services and platforms via APIs and apply open-source development practices to keep the leading edge in transportation management software development. Our product design and implementation strategy helps customers build transportation management apps from scratch, covering UI/UX design, architecture, and end-to-end transportation software development. Paving the way to your customers with transportation software solutions isn’t always straightforward. You may spend months guessing what’s lacking in your delivery services, logistics software solutions, ordering workflow, and integrations with your clients’ businesses — or where on earth your lost packages go. As a logistics software development company, we can help you by creating transport logistics software that aligns your services with customers’ expectations.

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to implement a comprehensive stack of IT solutions and provide relevant IT services to guarantee optimized cost and high ROI of your digital initiative in transportation and logistics. Since 2015 in designing and building transportation software, including fleet management solutions. We rely on both external recruitment channels and internal specialists to fulfill your project capacity needs. Our team works with you on creating a plan for staffing transportation software developers and defining strategies to start and scale the project team. With a proper balance of seniority and proactive feedback from both sides, we can guarantee delivery in accordance with a defined plan and with the level of expertise and level of experience required of your transportation software developers. Logistics is the industry that widely utilizes various software solutions, leveraging the Internet of Things technology and cloud computing most of all.

Consider developing native apps for drivers and for logistics managers to facilitate seamless transportation and better customer service. We develop intelligent and secure custom logistics and transportation management software, providing end-to-end productivity and workflows optimization. IntelliSoft is a transportation software development company that creates added value by integrating cutting-edge technologies and hiring outrageously talented employees for Logistics R&D centers. The clear demarcations of work into different departments invite extreme efficiency catering to both speed and safety concerns. Take a quick glimpse of the management features that we, as a Logistics software development company, serve the customers with.

Embedded Development

Our key areas of expertise are web and mobile app development, cloud computing and migration, architecture refactoring, and database integration. IntelliSoft has proven experience in transportation software development services, process automation, business intelligence, network optimization, and innovative technology implementations. Enterprise software to manage the processes of the movement and storage of goods is called a transportation management system. Simply put, TMS is an integration platform that enables companies to handle and optimize supply chain transportation and logistics management. Our company’s logistics software development solutions provide full control over the supply chain, order delivery, financial operations and more. The project development timeline depends on the development team composition, the scope of your project, and the budget you are ready to spend on Logistics and warehouse management software development services.

Trucking, rail freight, sea freight and air freight companies, including last-mile delivery providers. You managed to highlight the main points in this article in an understandable manner. Then, professional designers and developers will work on the creation of APIs and interfaces for clients and administrators. Visibility of the supply chain, because all the information is integrated on a single platform, and all the participants of the shipping process can access it online and from anywhere. Thorough analysis and data-based reports are highly important for the optimization of processes and efficient decision-making. You can inform relevant people via an application about the arrival time of your vehicle in advance and automatically prepare the necessary documentation.

These deliveries use couriers to meet the requests for the movement of goods and documents. Embark on your Digital Experience journey and explore the benefits of our customized solutions, contact us. Create real-time inventory visibility, automate your order fulfillment, and utilize advanced reporting that meets your exact requirements. Integrating the solution with Unified Informing System and a location system based on Google Maps API.

Logistics Software Development

The automation of manual processes, which means that you can handle additional workloads in less time and without hiring more employees. We provide you with different engagement levels — from constant daily monitoring to regular result-focused reports. Reduce human errors and automate order fulfillment and distribution by leveraging AI, predictive analytics, and paperless accountant systems.

Why Do You Need Logistics And Transportation Software Development?

Another area where Logistics organizations need to hire IT professionals is third-party logistics software integration into existing business processes. Intellias will establish a framework for remote communication between your in-house team and your remote transportation management application development team at the start of the project. In order to allocate a sufficient amount of time for initial team alignment and knowledge transfer, the Intellias team will adjust their work schedule to achieve a better time overlap.

The flexibility of such platforms allows developers to create both logistics software for small businesses, as well as large enterprise logistics software to handle complex transport networks. With real-time updates on the whereabouts of the logistics vehicles, customers can monitor them throughout the entire route. With the packaging, users get updates about other aspects like loading of the gizmos and more. You can extend your development team with rare tech talents who have narrow expertise in Logistics software development.

The project continues on the support level, and we are glad to continue our cooperation with ScienceSoft. Architecture design, UX and UI design, and development of a SharePoint Online intranet solution. We define tailored sets of metrics to track the quality of services we deliver and ensure service transparency by submitting regular reports on service quality KPIs, use of resources, potential risks, and more.

From booking to the balance sheet, all these procedures can be incorporated into our unique solutions. With the updated modular view, the businesses of our customers grow at a good pace. You can ask IntelliSoft to outsource the part of your project scope or create a dedicated development center that will deliver the predicted amount of tasks with the expected quality. https://globalcloudteam.com/ Accenture says 74% of freight and logistics stakeholders consider digital innovation the main competitive advantage in Logistics and freight forwarding. Besides this, they also rely on new and innovative technologies and further cooperation with ecosystem partners. Deloitte says that logistics organizations rely on mobile technologies to win a competitive advantage.

Now, this calls for use of applications that aim to soothe the supply chain operations. And our team emphasizes these mature aspects to develop software for the logistics industry with perfection. We provided the client with Outsourcing Transportation software development to build a fully-fledged Fleet Management System that manages a fleet of 5000+ barges. The project includes barges location visualization, route planning functionality, and collaborative tools for shore-side personnel and boat captains.

We use ready-made components where possible to streamline development and introduce essential T&L software features first to enable faster payback from software implementation. Since 2010 in IT infrastructure services to cover administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of IT infrastructures for T&L companies. A mobile application for last mile carriers to enable easy updates on order shipment status.

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A TMS can integrate with numerous enterprise systems, such as warehouse management system, order and purchasing management system, CRM, accounting solutions and more, enabling users to plan the most efficient transportation scenarios. We also have experience improving the performance of existing logistics solutions, such as integrating offline access to databases, code refactoring, and migrating on-premise databases to cloud environments. Know the location of your fleet without bordering drivers, the amount of fuel, and predict fleet maintenance leveraging smart IoT sensors. Digitalize documentation across the supply chain to ensure effective warehouse management and timely order fulfillment. Integrate innovative route optimization platforms to reduce operating costs, optimize fuel consumption, and predict freight costs and loads. We optimize code legacy in logistics products to enhance efficiency, improve user experience, reduce software operating costs and system downtime.

Logistics Software Development

Highly skilled and rich-featured solutions help you in converting your business into a brand. Control freight shipping and forwarding using innovative location-tracking technologies, such as IoT sensors, and enable customers to monitor their freights to provide better customer care service. We build full-service logistics and transportation solutions that provide a track for resources and events and confirm performance and profitability. We choose the best-fitting advanced technologies for each IT solution to deliver additional value across transportation and logistics workflows for our customers.

Cloud & Devsecops

The Jelvix team worked collaboratively to produce a higher-quality code and deliver a suitable MVP. Project management is a clear strength, and the desire to achieve customer goals within scheduling Logistics Software Development and guidelines are evident. Predict and balance peak periods and slack seasonsPredictive analytics help you make decisions based on customer demand during both peak and slack periods.

  • Software engineering plays a critical role in solving everyday challenges, but going digital is not an easy step.
  • Thus, our clients receive a team that creates tailored solutions from the ground up.
  • We have a track record of creating more than 4200 projects for over 2500 customers with a 97% client retention rate in 40+ countries.
  • At Sirchend, we, a robust Logistics software development company, take pride in holding competent members bearing years of experience in their respective domains.
  • Calculation of transportation cost based on the delivery mode, shipment distance, fuel cost, cargo weight and size, number of stops, etc.
  • Consider developing native apps for drivers and for logistics managers to facilitate seamless transportation and better customer service.

I agree that a mobile application is an essential part of transportation management systems. It allows dispatchers and drivers to have real-time access to the necessary information and make the right decisions. Deutsche Post DHL, for instance, highlights that traditionally, TMSs were accessible to large companies only because of the complexity and enormous time and money expenses required to implement the software.

Data Analytics

Thanks for sharing the information on your logistics and transportation projects, it adds value to your company’s reputation. Management systems monitor the execution of the shipment plan from point A to point B in the real-time mode. Drivers, carriers, managers and customers can access information on freight traffic, customs clearance, documents, automobile conditions, metrics, accidents, delays, etc. On the basis of given parameters (distance, time, cost, a minimum required the number of stops, type of cargo, etc.), a transport management solution is able to define optimal routes, plan loading schemes and calculate the expenses.

Rest assured that your intellectual property and personal data are secure and protected according to compliance requirements. We follow internal IP protection policies and strict NDAs to avoid potential data leaks or disclosure of information outside of the company. We also apply security best practices combined with our own experience working with clients. We keep the focus on niche industry expertise we can share with you to help you thrive within fierce competition.

Strong Organization And Delivery Governance

AI-powered planning of warehouse labor resources and equipment, operations in yard, loading docks, etc. Creation, editing, approval, and centralized storage of carrier contracts and transport orders. Revenue calculation (by period, customer, region, etc.), analysis and forecasting.

Fixed price model – for a feasibility study and PoC development, T&L solution implementation divided by stages to fix the price for each stage. Since 2003 in cybersecurity to ensure world-class protection of T&L solutions. Creation, editing, approval, and centralized storage of transportation documents (bills of lading, commercial invoices, etc.). RFID-enabled monitoring of goods transportation conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.). Prioritization of customer orders based on customer value, order date, item category, and more. Automated aggregation of customer orders from a customer portal, third-party ecommerce platforms, etc.